Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moving on

As unlikely as it is that anyone looks at this blog I figured I might as well announce it here, too.  I'm moveing my OOGness over here.  I figured since tumblr seems to be a better place for people to ask quetstion and I'm involved in way more stuff that requires me to be there now I'd go ahead and use it.  Anyways, this particular account hasn't got much going for it, so I probably won't check back on this blog anymore  if you have any questions or want to get in contact you can either do it there or on one of my other accounts.  I check Freedomcaged's email the most frequently.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

For redundancies sake

I already posted this on New Designs, but I figured I'd go ahead and post it here too.  I mean the only page views I get are from bots, but still, this is my personal blog,or at least my professional(?) one, so it only seems right to post it here as well.

Not working out.

O.k, only one person voted on the last poll, and I can take enough of a hint to get when something isn't working out.  This little idea of mine has flopped, and frankly it's not that big of a surprise. Since the beggining I've been too distracted with other projects and activities to give something like this the attnetion and forethought it needs and deserves.  I mean sure I could try to push through on this a little longer, see if I couldn't get a little more momentem going, but that wouldn't be fair to the readers, to my origonal vision, or to me, because I know right now that I can't deliver my very best to this.

Now I'm not scrapping this project completly, but I am  putting it on hold until I can invest the time and experince it deserves.  Of course, if anyone out there wants to take this idea and run with it, feel free, if someone can do this better then I did than I'd love to see that happen.  All right people, that's all I've got, nothing to see here, move along, I'll replug it when it restarts but till then this is going to be a very boring blog (because I won't be posting here, in case you didn't catch that).


So yes, that's the temporary end of New Designs, but on the up side: An Investigation has finnally begun it's plot, so at least I have something going on.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Schedual Slip

O.k., a small one, a really small one when compared to month + long absences on some of the blogs/vlogs out there, but that's no excuse.  This however is: since the last post on New Designs I've lost my computer for about five days, then I had to work out a three part crossover on my other blog (thanks to Exorcist Gamer by the way, check out some of his blogs here: The East's Eden, Memories of the Heart , Becoming the Face), and then I finnally began the plot on An Investigation (it's been a long time coming, yay for small victories).  Running parrallel to all of this I was packing to return to college, returning to college, and all of the various educational and social implications that go with that (yes I have a social life, don't ask me how, it's new to me, too), and beggining to set up for my next project (why must I have ambitions?).

Anyways, all of that is either been finished, or setteled down to a less hetic point, so I'm returning my attention to New Designs for a few days.  My plan is to have the next post for ND out this weekend, and then a decision post up before I return to the verse at large next week, so look for two posts and a poll there in the next seven days or so, yay for that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A contest

Hey, is anybody reading this?  No, o.k., that's cool, meh it's a little useless anyways.  That's why I've decided to make things more interesting, and hold a little contest for anyone interested in contributing something to New Designs.

It should be known that I am rather horrible at drawing, I'm not sure how good I am at writing, I can't really judge that objectively, but I know for a fact I'm rather horrible at making pictures.  That's why I'm holding this contest, I want to post on New Designs the official last page in the notebook Keith discovered, and since I can't draw I'm outsourcing that job to you.  I want to see your pictures of what you think is in that notebook, the picture that I like the most will get posted on New Designs and the artist will receive credit and my thanks on this blog.  Here are some ground rules for anyone wanting to participate:

  • The picture has to be hand drawn on a piece of lined notebook paper, this will keep it consistent with the actual story. 
  • No operator symbols, the operator symbol is great and all, but it's pretty overused, and I don't feel like adding it to this blog.
  • It does need some slender-related imagery, not necessarily the man himself, or even something as common as trees, but I do need to be able to look at it and think "This reminds me of Slender Man"
  • The creepier the better, I want to see your creepiest pictures, remember this is the last thing that poor Slender stalked boy ever wrote in his notebook before the Slender Man supposedly got him, it should be something pretty intensely frightening.
Aside from that you have free reign over what you can draw, do your best though, because this will be the only picture I'll show from the notebook so if it becomes more important later your picture could play a pretty big role in the story.  Also, don't let this affect how you vote on the poll, I'll work the picture in regardless of which story path is taken.  Lastly, have fun, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, submissions can be sent to my e-mail at, thanks in advanced to anyone who participates.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Day/ Stats

So today I posted the first decision post on New Designs, ironed out some details for my first legitamte crossover with FC, and got my computer back.  Although, I'll probably have to lose it again for a few days, soon.  If you have a hardware problem with your computer just don't take it to Best Buy, that's all I'm going to say on that subject.  Still, all in all, today was pretty good, now I'm just going to relax for a bit before I get started on my next round of posts.

Also I put a stats page in for New Designs it goes as follows:

Name: The character's name, pretty much a given
Age: Also pretty ovbious, if the blog lives long enough I might even update it for their individual birthdays
Job: What the character does for a living, it may not be tremendously relevant, but then again it could be, so I threw it in there.
Notable Traits: Things you know about the character's personality, this list will probably grow as more is learned about each character
Physical Health: If someone breaks there arm or catches the flu their health will reflect that, next to the one word adressing their general health their specific problems or risks (if they have family histories with certin illnesses or conditions) will be spelled out in parentheses.
Mental Health: Basicly the same as physical health only, you know, mental.  This will also have any problems or risks out to the side,  and will contain any history of serious problems as those will likely never stop being relevant.
Items of Note: Anything aquired that may be of some importance will be listed here, it may additionally say where they are keeping said item, I haven't decided yet, it's not relevant right now in any case.
Slender Man Activity: Slender Man's addatuide towards that character, it will change as he becomes more involved with the three of them, and what decision are made will have a heavy influnce on this, and through this the story.  You can only make Slender Man so mad before he just kills you.
History: A summary of all important events happening to this character, this will be updated for the relevant characters after every update containing relevant information, and will probably be the longest by the end of the blog
Relationships: How the main characters relate to each other, as well as any important side characters they meet, this will grow as they meet people, and their own relationships with each other may change over time.

I'll add more stuff to the list as it becomes relevant, but for now those are the only important features of each characters stats sheet.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Like the title says...

This is my out of game blog. Yes, I know that it uses my in game handle, but just pretend I'm doing this to convince people my relationship with the Slender Man is fake, if that helps you not sleep at night. This blog will basiclly just be used to handle any updates or announcments I need to make about my projects that I can't make in my projects, most notably: New Designs, which is likely to need to most OOG updates because of it's excessively chaotic nature.

One that note, I have an anoucment to make regarding New Designs. The posting for this first bit isn't going to be as fast as I had hoped. The main reason for this is that my computer broke down, and I'm paying Best Buy the unholy sum of $100 to fix a stupid cooling fan. This may take up to a week, so I'm slowing down my update schedual for the first week. The first post will still be out tomarrow, and I already have a few more made out, but I can't do creative writing on my iPad, so you might not see the second post for a few days (it was initially going to be posted later that day, and the third would be two days later, to get into the story quickly). Hopefully this won't be too big of a deal, I just don't want to run out of material before I get my computer back. As always I'm willing to listen to any concerns or answer any questions about any of my projects, so comment, e-mail me, or post on unfiction or Slender Nation, and I'll see it. I'm sorry about this, guys, I hope you'll bare with me through this slightly slower start.